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Adstrix Programmatic

Print Ad Buying Just Got Smarter

Adstrix is a Programmatic exchange for Print Newspapers and Magazines in the US.
We made print ad buying as easy as ABC.

Data driven targeting

Powered by Nielsen Scarborough Data and other premium data sources, Adstrix provides unrivaled on the fly audience targeting and planning.

Lower costs

As in digital, smart machines eliminate overhead and inefficiency and are automatically trading to get you the best match at great rates.

Measurable results

Tracking your campaign to the ad level to see which media & creative are best performing using virtual numbers, key words, landing page pixels and more.

No upfront costs.

Local Reach, Nationwide

Adstrix Programmatic Print Exchange is providing unparalleled local reach

to every corner of America on a Nationwide scale.

+3,500 Publications
+80M Circulation
+120M readers
+1B page views

All major ad sizes
All premium

Breakthrough Technology

AdStrix' technology introduces digital automation to print media buying – bringing efficiency through scalability, measurability and Internet-like data driven campaign execution and optimization.

Power of Data

Power of Data

For unparalleled buying insights

Adstrix programmatic print exchange relies on the most trusted and reliable sources including Nielsen Scarborough data. We fuse this data with proprietary historic data to deliver the best recommendations for your needs.

Audience targeting

Audience targeting

Buy audience, not media

Like online, with Adstrix programmatic print exchange you can target your audience by their:

  • Location
  • Demographic traits, and
  • Content reading habits

Adstrix optimizes the buy based on patent pending engagement algorithms and relying on the most reliable data sources.

Automated Bidding

Automated Bidding

Out smart, out perform

Choose how you want to buy your media and use Adstrix programmatic print exchange to optimize on your bidding strategy.

  • Define your budget
  • Define your max-bid per CPM/eCPM and more

Our learning bidding robots will get the most engaging media for your ad dollars at great rates.

Engagement measurement

Engagement measurement

So you don't have to play blind

Bridging offline and online we provide granular measurement of each ad displayed via dynamically generated virtual tel. numbers, key word text interactions, landing page and downloads tracking – individually for each ad served.

  • Actions per day and Qualified Leads
  • Media performance
  • Segments efficiency

You get reports on effectiveness across each and every channel and audience segments so you can optimize your budget.

No upfront costs.


Digital like planning and buying

At great rates


Ever envisioned how it should be like to buy newspaper ads in the 21st century? Well this is it.

Plan & Buy print media with digital ease of use, unrivaled data and measurement, targeting your audience and using automated bidding to secure great rates.
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Effortless new revenue

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Get effortless revenues from advertisers. Tap into the growing global demand of online-only millennial marketers. Reduce your sales and production overhead.

Got 10 newspapers or more? Ask us about a private exchange.

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